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Endometrial Ablation

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Heavy menstrual bleeding, referred to as menorrhagia, affects many women, and if left untreated, can affect your quality of life. The women’s health experts at Ocean Obstetric & Gynecologic Associates with offices in Ocean and Howell, New Jersey, provide many treatments for heavy menstrual bleeding, including endometrial ablation. Don’t let your period stop you from leading a full life. Call the office today or book an appointment online to learn more about endometrial ablation.

Endometrial Ablation Q & A

What is endometrial ablation?

Endometrial ablation is a gynecological procedure that destroys the lining of your uterus, referred to as the endometrium. The goal of the procedure is to reduce menstrual blood flow and can even stop your periods.

The minimally invasive procedure is performed with a special tool that’s inserted into your uterus through your vagina and cervix to vaporize the tissue.

Am I a good candidate for endometrial ablation?

Your specialist at Ocean Obstetric & Gynecologic Associates determines if you’re a good candidate for endometrial ablation during your consultation. While the procedure is effective for reducing menstrual blood flow for those suffering from menorrhagia, it’s not recommended for all women.

Because the treatment vaporizes your endometrial tissue, pregnancy following the procedure isn’t recommended, meaning that you may not be suited for the procedure if you have future pregnancy plans. Your specialist may also not recommend endometrial ablation if you have a disorder of the uterus or endometrium, or if you’re menopausal.

What can I expect during endometrial ablation?

Your specialist at Ocean Obstetric & Gynecologic Associates may be able to perform your endometrial ablation at the office. However, if you desire general anesthesia, your specialist may conduct your procedure at the hospital.

During your endometrial ablation, your specialist inserts the special tool into your uterus and vaporizes the tissue. You may experience some cramping and vaginal discharge following the procedure.

After your endometrial ablation, you may want to take it easy for a day or two. Your specialist at Ocean Obstetric & Gynecologic Associates provides details on what you can expect during your consultation so you know how to prepare.

When can I expect results from my endometrial ablation?

Immediately after your endometrial ablation, you should notice an improvement in your menstrual flow. Your periods should be significantly lighter. Some women even experience a stop of flow altogether.

If you’re sexually active, you should continue to use contraception following your endometrial ablation to prevent pregnancy.

To learn more about endometrial ablation and to see if it can help you, call Ocean Obstetric & Gynecologic Associates today or request an appointment online.

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